Green clay

Green clay
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Green clay
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Bag of 200gr of green clay surfine montmorillonite.

Thanks to its numerous properties, Green Clay can be used for its many benefits (in beauty mask, cataplasm etc.) Absorbing, purifying and regenerating, the Green Clay of the soaps of Stone is particularly well adapted to the care of the skins Mixed to fat!

Preparation of the clay paste: Pour the desired quantity of green clay into a glass or wooden container. Add one volume of spring water to completely submerge the clay. Let stand for about half an hour and then stir with a non-metallic spatula to obtain a smooth paste.
In beauty mask: Apply the clay paste in a thick layer on the face and neck avoiding the contour of the eyes and the lips. Leave for about 15 minutes without letting the mask dry on the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water, dry the skin with a cotton towel. Complete the care with the application of the repulping oil, adapted to your type of skin.
In poultice: Place the clay paste on a natural textile and distribute it with a non metallic spatula on a thickness of 2 to 3 centimeters. Place the poultice by leaving the clay in direct contact with the skin and holding it, without tightening, with a bandage. If the poultice is to be applied to an irritated area, place a light gauze between the clay and the skin. To remove it, remove a maximum of clay, if necessary by moistening it, then rinse the skin with warm water and dry it with a cotton towel.
In the bath to soften the epidermis: Pour one to two tablespoons of Green Clay in a large glass of spring water to stir with a non metallic spatula then add the mixture obtained with the water of the bath. Green Clay is used alone or in combination with essential oils.
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